Metacognition & Creativity

Nic Chevalier and his research team have recently completed a major project on metacognition and executive function. You can find out about their exciting results in this summary written by postgraduate student Anna Hall!

Robot talk!

When people are fitted with hearing aids, they find that the sounds they hear are quite distorted, which can make it hard to understand speech. The same is true of people fitted with cochlear implants, especially children. Over time, adults … Continue reading

Brain science!

For children aged 5-12 we have a series of studies using exciting machines to understand how your brain works. These machines allow us to apply safe and painless techniques to read your brain while you play computer games with farm … Continue reading

New Newsletter

Many many thanks to all the schools, families and kids who took part in our studies over the last few months! If you’re interested in what we’ve been looking at, then our latest newsletter includes descriptions of a number of … Continue reading