Dr Hugh Rabagliati


Language provides a code for learning and teaching new and complex ideas. I study the mental representations and mechanisms that we use to translate from concepts and ideas to words and sentences.



Wee Hugh!

I am a Reader in the Department of Psychology, and am lucky enough to work with all of these wonderful people. I became interested in the science of child development as an undergraduate, spent many years training in developmental psychology in America, and returned to the UK to start the RabLab in 2013.

Likes: hiking, pasta, and travelling
Dislikes: cutting my hair


  • Language development and processing, with a particular focus on meaning
  • Psycholinguistics in neurodevelopmental disorders


  • Rabagliati, H. & Snedeker, J. (2013). The truth about chickens and bats: Ambiguity avoidance distinguishes types of polysemy. Psychological Science, 24, 1354-1360. [PDF, 27kb]
  • Rabagliati, H., Pylkkänen, L., & Marcus, G.F. (2013). Top-down influence in young children’s linguistic ambiguity resolution. Developmental Psychology, 49, 1076-1089. [PDF, 3mb]
  • Rabagliati, H., Senghas, A., Johnson, S.P., & Marcus, G.F. (2012). Rule learning: Advantage language or advantage speech? Plos ONE, 7(7): e40517. [PDF, 154kb]