The Lab

The Wee Science lab is child-friendly and suitable for all ages. You can move the picture below to take a look at our recently constructed lab!

Kids love spending time in our main area, which is full of toys and games. The rooms off of the main area house the technology we use for assessment. For instance, can you find the room next to the tortoise? In there, we investigate how babies learn new words by showing them videos in which we name unfamiliar objects.

In another room, behind the monkeys, we have an “eye tracker”, which estimates where babies and children are looking by recording how light reflects off of their eyes. We can use this to study how children learn to attend to things like faces. For instance, when people talk, do children tend to look at their eyes, at their mouths, or somewhere else entirely?

All of our procedures and technologies are fun, safe and non-invasive. We hope to meet you and your family in the lab soon!