Dr Mits Ota


With my team at ELfLanD (Edinburgh Laboratory for Language Development), I study how language develops in infants and young children and enjoy being mesmerised by the capacity of the young human mind.



Wee Mits!

Before I became an academic, I used to work in the music industry, promoting musicians such as Michael Jackson and George Michael. A decision to study linguistics led me to post-graduate training in the US, where I completed my MA and PhD. I set up ELfLanD in 2009.

Likes: I like to play folk music, read non-fictions, and eat blue cheese (only the best!)
Dislikes: Herbal tea and walking in the rain


  • Phonological and lexical development during infancy/childhood
  • Phonological development in second language learners
  • Atypical phonological development and speech processing (e.g., autism and dyslexia)


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  • More publications by Mits Ota

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