Undergraduate Students

Alice Walton

Alice is a 4th year student of German and Linguistics at the University who is interested in how children learn language. She is currently working on her Honours dissertation, which analyses the input children receive and how it affects their acquisition of the pronouns 'she' and 'he'.

Aurelie Comes

I am a fourth year Psychology student. I have always loved working with children ever since I was twelve years old, from babysitting and working in summer camps to tutoring French. In the future, I am hoping to keep working with children. In my spare time, I like to run, read, play the guitar and spend time with family and friends.

Niamh Bulfin

I am in my final year of my Psychology degree and hope to work with young children as a Clinical Psychologist in the future. At the moment i volunteer for 2 childrens charities back home in Glasgow which is very rewarding.

Cara Connachan

I'm a 4th year Psychology and Linguistics student born and bred just outside Edinburgh. My main interest is in children's language development and I am currently conducting research on children's language prediction as part of my 4th year dissertation. In my spare time I enjoy reading books, watching movies and eating food with my friends.

Philippa Oliver

Philippa is a second year undergraduate student studying Linguistics at Edinburgh, and volunteers with the ELfLanD group in Wee Science. She's also a keen photographer!

Lewis Brown

Lewis is a second year undergraduate student studying English Literature and Linguistics at Edinburgh, and a volunteer with the ELfLanD group in Wee Science.

Ellen Carracher

I am a fourth year Psychology and Linguistics student. I became interested in child language acquisition and development after tutoring young children in reading and writing. In the future I hope to become a speech therapist and continue working with children. In my spare time I enjoy eating out and going to the cinema.

Ivan Kroupin

I am a fourth year joint honours psychology and philosophy student. At the moment I'm working on my final year dissertation which is looking at the development of dimensional cognition. Consequently, my current focus is on cognitive and conceptual development, but likewise I am interested in language, social cognition, neurocognitive research and conceptual/philosophical issues related to all of the above.

Anu Hiekkaranta

I am a 4th Year Psychology student. Currently I am working on my dissertation on word learning in young children. At the moment my main interests are cognitive, conceptual and linguistic development and in the future I plan to focus on educational applications of developmental science as well. I baby-sit in my free time and have always had a wonderful time working with children.