Dr Alex Doumas


A human child is the ultimate learning machine, far out-pacing what current computers can achieve. I am interested in understanding the cognitive basis of this ability.


I am a Lecturer in the Psychology department. I am originally from Greece, but went the the U.S. to get my PhD, and stayed there working as a research scientist and academic staff member before moving to Edinburgh in 2013. I have an 8 month old daughter named Violet, and a cat named Bernoulli.

Likes: Comic books, being silly with my daughter, napping with my cat.
Dislikes: Waking up early


Humans are unique in the animal kingdom in our ability to represent and reason about abstract concepts (like love or multiplication). I study how children and adults learn abstract concepts from our experience in the world, and how we represent those concepts for the purposes of solving problems.

Current research topics

  • Computational models of cognitive development
  • Learning structured (i.e. symbolic) concepts from experience
  • The development of analogy making.


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